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Creative Strategies for Biz Innovation and Social Change

Use Design Thinking to solve today's most pressing social issues

We bring your Business Ideas into Existence

Create clarity, definition and direction with a step-by-step process

Create an Authentic and Relatable Brand Experience

Use A Step-By-Step Process To Define Your UX, Brand and Design Strategy

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The Story

About Me

Customers today are seeking to engage with brands that generate an authentic message and experience that is in alignment with their own values, goals and needs.

Take yourself as an example; which brands, or companies do you support? And which one's don't you? Why? 


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Tatjana Luethi

Creative UX Strategist. Designer. Women's Community Leader.

Tatjana Luethi is a creative UX strategist, brand and design professional who is passionate about helping socially conscious companies generate an authentic and relatable brand. As a seasoned strategy facilitator, she synthesizes business, brand and user goals to activate impact, innovation and change for digital marketing initiatives.

Tatjana is also a co-founder of the TOGETHER! Network, which empowers purpose-driven female entrepreneurs via on-going education, programs and workshops to help them launch their own vision.

Lynda Weinman, Co-Founder, lynda.com

Keynote speaking at the MOVE! conference was a great experience. It was intimate. Everyone's wheels were spinning as they learned how to affect change over their own ideas and careers.

MERGE! Conference Attendee

"I liked the way it was discussions rather than lectures. It was an interactive conversation. I enjoyed the workshops and the focus on personal development as it pertains to building a business or career."

MOVE! Conference Attendee

The conference was well paced and interactive! It was a very safe environment for women to share their dreams, aspirations, and fears. And a great way to make connections!

Hilary Maler, Associate Marketing Coordinator, Whole Foods Market

Amazing opportunity for self exploration, awareness, and appreciation. Any woman, whether exploring personal or professional empowerment, will benefit from the 9-week workshop as a course in self-empowerment through self realization.

Ellen Vash, Sales & Marketing Representative

Inspiring. Empowering. Well-designed. Structured. Organized. Tatjana's leadership is catalyzing, creative and insightful. Highly recommended for any woman who seeks more clarity, purpose and meaning in her live or career.

Rachel Caraviello, VP, Programs and Services, Affordable Living for the Aging

A meaningful investment that provides tools you need to start the process of purposefully defining yourself.

Annie Hyman Pratt, Former CEO, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

I enjoyed keynote speaking at the FORGE! 2013 women's conference. Loved connecting with ambitious and talented women who are actively pursuing entrepreneurial careers and have a strong desire to improve the world. Tatjana’s passion and care for entrepreneurs is evident in everything she does.

Rachel Bertler, Founder of Pretty Ripped

Exciting. Educational. Collaborative. I definitely recommend this UX framework to anyone who needs structure, and a fast process to define their values, vision, brand and prioritize it all into an action plan.

Runa Bouius, Corporate Conscious Leadership Consultant

Tatjana is driven, determined, a goal-oriented self-starter and visionary leader. A powerhouse organizer that gets things done. Empowers others. Creative problem solver. Value-driven and progressive.

Linda Marshall-Smith, MBA, Marketing Consultant

I walked away with renewed vigor and insightful inspiration, and actionable items to execute immediately. Thanks again for an enlightening, enjoyable, educational weekend.

Felicia Burns, Founder of Fe Brand Films

A constant stream on everything to do with business, startups, taking a leap into your own passion, and tactics to be successful doing what you love.

Forge! Conference Attendee

The FORGE! Women's Leadership Conference was a total phenomenon! Each executive imparted result-driven pragmatic strategic principles that can immediately be implemented into our daily activities as we strive to continually evolve as leaders.

The Offer

Our Services

We bring your ideas into existence!

We help purpose-driven entrepreneurs, startups and companies define a clear User Experience, Brand and Design Strategy to generate an authentic and relatable brand by engaging creative, user-centered design thinking methodologies.

UX Strategy & Branding

Discover and Clarify. We help you reduce time, money and waste by facilitating a step-by-step UX process; an easy, fast and efficient strategic framework to help you create a clear brand through a user-oriented approach, define your customers and prioritize your goals to generate an authentic brand experience for your customers.

Definition & Communication

Define and Communicate. You might have an idea for a project, brand, product or service but aren’t fully clear yet how to effectively communicate it. Using simple strategic methods we help you articulate your vision, purpose and goals, create clarity, and generate a library of definitions as a foundation for your communication and marketing efforts.

Brand Directive & Game Plan

Direction and Priorities. At this stage we help you prioritize your time, energy and focus and provide you with structure, support and accountability to execute your creative brand directive. We’ll generate a clear plan and simple roadmap for you that you can implement immediately to achieve your brand goals. Get ready for your game plan!

Achim Nowak
Educational Events, Workshops, Conferences and Retreats


Conscious Leadership • Education • Skill-Building

We are DRIVEN to serve PURPOSE-ORIENTED women, address their UNIQUE CHALLENGES, and EMPOWER them to reach and expand their PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL and ECONOMIC POTENTIAL as FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS in Los Angeles

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Our Culture

We see business as a platform to express who we are. It's an extension of what we stand for. It's a tool to make a difference in areas we deeply care about. What do you stand for?






Our Work

Use Design Thinking to generate an authentic brand experience for your customers and maximize the engagement, impact, and change you envision to make.

We use a simple step-by-step process to generate an easy, fast and efficient strategic planning framework to help you and your team create a clear brand and user-oriented strategy to define and synthesize your business idea(s), your brand, your product and user segments. You'll be walking away with a clear strategic creative brief outlining your UX, Brand and Design objectives providing clarity and direction for creative designers and developers to implement your vision.


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We want to hear from you!  We are eager to learn about your needs and goals and create something amazing together! Drop us a line and tell us about your vision!