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Are you a “Cultural Creative”? If so, how do YOU navigate and thrive in the 21st Century?

Hi – it’s Tatjana. 

Well, if you are like me, a Cultural Creative, then you probably resonate with me on fostering a new culture, or even better, a new paradigm! If you are like me you probably envision a future that is a bit more conscious and mindful. That values authenticity and integrity. That honors our planet, our environment and each other. That longs for connection, community and relatedness. That stands for social justice, alternative medicine, organic food, 
balance, health and wellness. That respects diversity and includes women’s approaches and contributions. That aims at long term sustainability, corporate responsibility and political integrity. That sees spiritual and personal growth & development as a necessity. That values self-realization and authentic self-expression. That is about personal fulfillment, deeper meaning and higher purpose WHILE making a difference and a contribution to others! Deep down you know you want to be part of this new emerging subculture! Deep below at the bottom of your inner desires you dream about redefining your own life! Deep beneath the crust of your conditioned mind you get glimpses and imaginations what it might look like to reframe & reshape your culture & society into one of health and wellbeing! If you dream like that, you are like me.

For the longest time I thought I’m the only one that thinks like this. It wasn’t until 2008 that I started meeting other like-minded people that think like I do. By 2012 I completely revamped my life, and in 2013  I co-produced and moderated a series of women’s empowerment conferences with Jose Caballer, CEO of The Skool. So let me assure you, if you think like I do, you are not weird, you are not crazy and you are certainly not alone! Check out this radio interview with Paul Ray, a social research scientist and author, who coined the term  “Cultural Creatives” in 2008. In fact the title of his book says it all – you are not alone: Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million people are changing the World!

So how do you navigate the 21st Century as a Cultural Creative?

Well, let me share with you my strategies of how I built a series of women’s empowerment conferences with my Cultural Co-Creative Jose Caballer in 2013 (MERGE!, MOVE! and FORGE!)! I like to combine heart with head with body. Meaning I merge my passion for personal growth and development (heart) with User Experience principles and strategies I’ve been training in (head), and align myself with a (body of) partners who are experts at practical execution!

I packaged all of this into a 3 Pillar System where I work with women (and conscious men) how to get your thoughts, visions, projects or business ideas from your head down into a clearly defined strategy to help you thrive in the digital age:

Pillar 1:
Self-awareness Skills – Managing Yourself, Others & Life Circumstances

Know thyself and create your life and career! The way we know work and life is changing. Today it’s not just about a degree, body of knowledge and a set of technicals skills. But rather our soft skills (or meta skills) are the key to manage and lead ourselves and others. In addition, women and men are looking for more meaning, purpose, quality and balance in their (work) life. Self-awareness around who you are and what you stand for, your values, your interests, your passion, and understanding your core needs are the base to generate personal (self-) leadership skills. At the end of the day, it comes down to authentic self-management and how we show up from that perspective…regardless the circumstances.

Pillar 2:
Defining Strategies and Structures to implement your Vision and Goals

After we create clarity and definition around who you are on an autonomous and authentic level, we then move into strategic steps. We strategically define and scale the “You” into a brand / project / movement / service or product. We define your tribe (audience), and we define and prioritize your goals to implement your aligned vision. We look at the structures of support and skill development you need, and how to cultivate sustainable and mutually beneficiary partnerships.

Pillar 3:
Let’s Get Tactical – Defining Platforms, Systems and Mechanisms

After we create clarity around your value proposition, and understand and relate to your demographics needs and goals, we are ready to get tactical. Here is where we prioritize your action plan as it relates to business model, sales, marketing, social media, eCommerce, finance, legal etc. What are the platforms, systems and mechanisms you need to support your project, movement or business?

The #1 Mistake!

The #1 mistake prior to getting into action is not having clarity and definition around who you truly are at the core of your essence, your values and what you really stand for.

How many times have you found yourself full of ambition, and put in hours, months maybe years of hard work and effort? Yet once you got there the excitement didn’t last! And so you find yourself again in a situation where you feel unfulfilled, unmotivated, uninspired and are wondering if you will ever find meaning, purpose and fulfillment in what you do, or whom you are with?
I feel strongly that one needs to learn how to identify and redefine (de-condition) who one is authentically and autonomously prior to getting into action. I crafted a new 7-week intensive live workshop (also available as a remote telecourse) for cultural women to help you express and empower yourself in any situation! 

What you will learn in this 7-week live workshop?
(Live in-person and remote telecourse option available)

This is a Pillar 1 workshop:
  • How to rediscover your authentic sense of self
  • How to identify your real interest and passions
  • How to discover your true nature, strengths & talents
  • How to apply your unique expression & talents
  • How to define who your “tribe” is
  • How to define your bigger vision
  • How to transform unhealthy dynamics and cultures
  • How to generate a system of community, connectedness, and support
  • How to align & prioritize your next action steps to achieve your goals

I really want you to have support and participate at this event with a partner. To help you with this I’m offering you:
  • to bring one additional complimentary guest (included in the purchase of your ticket). In other words, you can gift one ticket to another friend you feel would benefit from being there with you.
  • You will also receive a step-by-step workbook
  • I will also offer one complementary coaching session with me
  • Not only do you get 2 for1 ticket, a complementary coaching session with me, a step-by-step workbook, but also I’m offering you all of this at the “Early Bird” special at $249.(Regular ticket for 1 person: $279)

This special will only be valid through the week of February 17th! Get your ticket now!

What are my events like?

My events are very intimate, it’s about re-connecting with yourself, and connecting & gathering with other like-minded women to create a safe environment, to create support for one another, to catalyze inspiration, to educate and exchange information in a fast-paced, ever-changing world full of new and complex challenges!

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That’s it for today! So long for now!
– Tatjana

P.S. What defines 21st Century leadership style? Listen to the 40 min interview I contacted with Runa Bouius, Serial Entrepreneur from Iceland and Conscious Leadership Catalyst, who spent her first career developing internationally known cosmetic and perfume brands as one of the leading wholesale distributor in Iceland – with a feminine leadership approach!

P.P.S. What are your structure preferences for workshops?
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P.P.P.S. Words of Wisdom:
“In this theatre of the world, whatever role you decide to perform is the experience you will have.” – Baba


Tatjana Luethi
Designer, Coach, Host, Producer

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