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Hi – it’s Tatjana. Happy 2016. I hope it will be filled with exciting new adventures and opportunities, and that I’m able to help you make it an awesome one. So let’s get right into it! Got an idea, but don’t know how to build an authentic brand experience for it? Define and Design Your Brand with Ease! Today, customers …

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Hi – it’s Tatjana. I want you to meet Felicia Manning! The¬†Entrepreneurial Filmmaker   What’s the biggest impact and take away for you having attended the MERGE!, MOVE! and FORGE! Conferences? My biggest takeaways were being able to define my passion and start a business. The conferences gave me the confidence, strategies and the practical tools I needed to take …

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For Women who want to learn a fast, collaborative and fun strategic planning framework in an easy 3-step approach to define your own idea, project or brand! ¬† Want to define your brand but don’t have a process? Got an idea but don’t know where to start? Want to launch a project with a group of people but can’t seem …

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