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  Hi – it’s Tatjana. I want to thank everybody who attended our TOGETHER! Network workshop “Aligned Collaborations: A Foundational Key to Building a Conscious Business”. It was an evening filled with education, information, tools, structures on how to establish aligned collaborations and partnerships integrating practices from UX strategies, Lean Start-up and Conscious Capitalism. Special thanks to General Assembly for …

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I want you to meet Erika Schmidt! The Passionate Entrepreneurial Hair Stylist   Erika Schmidt entered the Beauty Business at a young age. She owned her own salon for 12 years, then decided to refocus and start developing products for hair stylists. Why? To generate another source of income that would alleviate the physical nature of her job. Not having …

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TOGETHER! MeetUp for Women: Tue, January 27th, 2015 For women who want to create a powerful 2015 with intention, excitement and alignment around who you really are!     Want to define a powerful personal or professional year yet don’t want another unreachable To-Do-List that keeps you feeling disappointed at the end of the year? Join us for a 2 1/2 hr …

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We can no longer ignore that yesterday’s traditional business models are rapidly being phased out. “Profit above all else”- above people, above our values, above the planet, above our community, is simply not sustainable. The TOGETHER! conference will show you simple, effective, more conscious ways of doing business. Forward-thinking companies know that the key to a healthy & sustainable business …

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Hi – it’s Tatjana.  I’m delighted to announce our initial speakers for the 2014 TOGETHER! conference at WeWork in Hollywood I’m super excited to introduce you to our wide range of progressive and pioneering leaders from the Conscious Capitalism Movement, Conscious Leadership Movement, Conscious Business Development, Alternative Currency Movement, Conscious Business Coalition, Green Business Network, and the UX and Lean …

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Hi – it’s Tatjana.  Question for you: Are you TIRED of your job?? Or maybe you are looking for a job? Perhaps you might feel “stuck” and need to reinvent yourself…maybe launch a new career? Or you just keep toying with the idea of launching your “own thing”? I too have asked myself all of these questions. And I realized …

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