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Conflict – a necessity for change and progress?

Hi – it’s Tatjana. 

“Conflict is normal, it’s human”, Dorit says. “In fact, conflict is necessary to create change and progress. Most people, however, have not developed the capacity on how to engage with and transcend conflict towards generative relations”. 

Wow, I never looked at it this way. However, Dorit Cypis, award-winning artist and professional conflict mediator was the catalyst for that new insight and perspective I gained.

I was deeply impacted by those words.
As I was listening to Dorit, my mind travelled back to when I was a child – revisiting my experiences with conflict and its consequential associations I developed. Conflict was something negative. It was detrimental. It was black and white. It shattered my world. It hurt. When in conflict, love and relatedness disappear … that’s the belief (or meaning) I developed in childhood and repetitively re-enacted throughout adulthood.
“Adulthood is about finishing unfinished business from Childhood”
As I’m traveling through my time line from childhood into adulthood, I recognize my pattern. I can see how I move into a defensive mode and withhold affection, love, connection or relatedness from the other. It’s my way of instinctual self-preservation, and a form of punishment towards the other for the hurt and pain he / she caused. In that world, it’s very black and white. It’s either conflict, or love, but you can’t mix the two of them. It’s an “either or” scenario I learned from those around me. Deep down I prefer it calm, peaceful, and harmonious. However, conflict is part of life, it can’t be avoided. As I continue my contemplative review it’s evident that this mindset doesn’t serve me nor does it empower the other. It’s time to evolve and transform that pattern. It’s my responsibility to do so. It’s time to explore a new, more wholesome and generative approach.
What becomes possible when we really listen to the other’s point of view? What happens when we can become open and deeply curious about the other’s approach? What emerges when we begin to accept creative diversity (different ways of thinking and different ways of doing)? And what practices can we explore so as to integrate new, conscious and empowering interactions into our daily life when faced with challenging dynamics and conflict?
Please join me in a conversation with guest speakers:
as we collectively engage in deep conversations and integrative practices at the upcoming workshop KNOW YOURSELF:
A 7-week workshop for creative women who want to learn proven tools and strategies to fully express and empower themselves in any situation! 
  • Every Wednesday evening for 7 weeks
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About the speakers:
Runa Bouius
Conscious Leadership Catalyst
Runa is the founder of Runa Bouius Consulting. Born in Iceland, Runa built one of the largest importing business in the country in the field of cosmetics and perfume, representing a large portfolio of internationally known brands. She is also the founder of Runora LLC, a conscious leadership consulting firm, speaking and working as a personal guide to business and thought leaders as well as designing, producing, and facilitating transformational programs and retreats for teams, companies, and professional groups such as YPO (Yound Presidents’ Organization) and WPO (World Presidents’Organization). Runa is also the co-founder of the Conscious Leader Network with focus on promoting Conscious Leadership in business and life. Runa sits on the advisory boards of the Red Wind Councils, and has spoken at conferences such as The International Conference on Business and Consciousness, Women’s International Networking, and the Conscious Capitalism Institute Conference.
During our KNOW YOURSELF workshop, Runa will be joining us for one evening to share with us her experience, insights and her top 5 tips on how to identify and commit to a practice that will allow you to integrate your authentic self with your vision regardless the situation and circumstances.
Award-winning Artist and Innovative Professional Mediator
Dorit’s work exploring identity and social relations through psychological and political screens has been presented at major museums in the North America and Europe. Through her art practice Dorit came to the study of Conflict Resolution, and in 2007 founded Foreign Exchanges to offer conflict transformation services, offering mediation, training and coaching to build bridges across personal and cultural differences.
Dorit is a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders, has served as Chair of the Middle East Initiative and Leader of the MBB Los Angeles Chapter. Dorit founded Kulture Klub Collaborative, connecting professional artists with homeless teens to bridge survival and inspiration. Dorit has taught on the complexity of cultural and personal difference throughout the USA, Canada, Israel, Holland and France, creating innovative cross cultural tools. She earned a Masters of Fine Art, California Institute for the Arts, and Masters of Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University.
During our KNOW YOURSELF workshop, Dorit will join us for an evening to discuss with us her perspective that conflict is “human” and necessary for change and progress. Dorit will share with us the top 3 tools to build your capacity to engage and transcend challenging dynamics and conflict towards generative relations. 
So long for now!
– Tatjana

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P.P.P.S. Words of Wisdom:
“Through inner work, our consciousness becomes a fertile condition for our conscious participation in our evolution, rather than a natural selection process driven by external conditions.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith

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