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Create Clarity and Intention for 2015

TOGETHER! MeetUp for Women: Tue, January 27th, 2015

For women who want to create a powerful 2015 with intention, excitement and alignment around who you really are!




Want to define a powerful personal or professional year yet don’t want another unreachable To-Do-List that keeps you feeling disappointed at the end of the year?

  • Join us for a 2 1/2 hr session and let’s kick it off together to powerfully create clarity and intention for your 2015 in a facilitated, fun, collaborative and interactive session!
  • Explore your vision, goals and hopes for 2015 in an easy step-by-step approach!
  • Facilitated by Tatjana Luethi, UX Facilitator, Designer and Women’s Community Leader
  • Venue courtesy of: Tono Studios in Santa Monica




The Power of intention is about consciously participating in your own evolution versus leaving it up to a natural selection process driven by external conditions, such as circumstances, other people, or hope.

What happens when you begin to consciously take action to generate your own future, where you leverage your past personal and professional experiences, and align your innate and unique skills, gifts, talents and tendencies and match it all with an area you deeply care about (or are deeply disturbed about)?

Well, let’s do it together.



  • How to create clarity
  • How to create alignment with who you really are
  • How to identify an area you where you can make a difference
  • How to actually implement your vision
  • How to generate the support you need to fulfill on your vision



  • A 10-page workbook
  • A structure to create clarity, definition and direction for your vision for 2015
  • Increased sense of productivity and efficiency
  • Tangible tools you can begin implementing immediately
  • A collaborative facilitation framework you can incorporate with your others
  • A supportive community of like-minded women
  • Guaranteed fun!


Tuesday, 7:00 PM – 9.30 PM
(please arrive 10 minutes earlier to get settled)


Tono Studios
3226 Nebraska Ave, Suite A
Santa Monica, CA 

Driving Directions


$15.00 per person


SEATS ARE LIMITED! We are expecting a full house!
**Online ticket purchase required to attend**

  1. Purchase your ticket HERE
  2. RSVP here:


See you Tuesday, Jan. 27th, 2015!

– Tatjana



Purpose for TOGETHER! MeetUp Group:

  • Women supporting women re-defining their lives and careers while re-shaping our society and culture!
  • To create a new culture & relatedness amongst women, and to build an economic infrastructure and network for each other that values, promotes & compensates women for their natural feminine qualities, capacities, work and contribution.


About Tono Studios:

Tono Studios is one of the most accomplished and respected audio post facilities in the commercial production industry. Working seamlessly in both Hispanic and General Market media, Tono has built a reputation for setting the highest standards in audio post quality. Recent evidence of this quality is their 2014 Cannes Silver Lion award for “Robocop.” Under the guidance of foremost craftsman & co-founder Jaime Zapata, Tono Studios is transforming audio engineering into an art. Raquel Ramirez, Tono’s Managing Director and co-founder, has established the studio’s client-friendly, full-service status, building trusting relationships with the commercial industry’s most influential companies. Tono’s core services include mixing, sound design, music composition and voiceover casting/recording: