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Define Your Passion and Change the World through Conscious Business

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Frustrated, Unhappy and Stuck in an Unfulfilling Career?

Define and Design Your Own Business and make a Difference in the World!

Download this Social Entrepreneur’s Course and at your own pace discover a fun and easy step-by-step framework to:

  • The 9 most effective strategies to discover, define and design a new career or business path you are excited about
  • How to gain clarity, confidence and motivation to do what you really want to do
  • A proven, easy to follow step-by-step system to create direction and a roadmap to jump-start your own idea, project, movement, new career, or business and make a difference

You’ll love this course if you want learn how to:

  • Discover your authentic “operating system” what really excites you and makes you feel alive
  • Define and bring together your passion, talents and interests to generate meaning and purpose in your business or career
  • Gain clarity and confidence around what you are really capable of building
  • Understand your personal “operating system” and break free from boundaries, conditioning and limiting beliefs about your own business
  • Establish the conditions for a healthy, conscious & thriving culture that inspires others
  • Enroll and engage others to join you and support the growth of your vision, stay focused and on path

benefits and tangible results:


  • Increased self-knowledge, self-mastery, and sense of meaning and purpose
  • Enhanced sense of confidence, happiness and personal fulfillment
  • Improved interaction, communication and personal leadership skills
  • Increased sense of direction, productivity and efficiency
  • A strategic process to create clarity, confidence, motivation
  • A clear guide for your career / business decisions
  • Roadmap for inner and outer skill development to fulfill on your vision
  • Tangible tools you can begin implementing immediately
  • Guaranteed fun!

by the end of this 9-week self-paced workshop you will have…

…more confidence, courage, motivation, inspiration, clarity, and direction. Why? Because you will be one of those female entrepreneurs that takes action, who wants to explore entrepreneurship as a platform for self-realization so you get to be who you really are. For people like you it’s about creative self-expression, independence and freedom and to create a business on your own terms that is rooted in meaning and purpose, prosperity and making a difference to the greater good.

This course is about delving into what actually excites you! What makes you feel fully alive? What are you passionate about? What if you could align your authentic skills, gifts and talents with passion and purpose and merge with your career or your business? What if you had a roadmap to easily prioritize your time, energy and focus to stay on track with your authentic vision? And how would that affect your sense of self, your sense of meaning and purpose, well, the way you express yourself in and through your career / business? What if you could make a difference through your career or business and change the World?

Join the movement!

Become part of a community of like-minded female entrepreneurs who take a stand to merge their personal and professional experience. Work towards a meaningful, purpose-driven and prosperous livelihood while making a profound impact and contribution to our community, our culture and society.

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What People are saying

program bonuses


bonus #1: Runa Bouius

Conscious Leadership Catalyst

Runa Bouius is the Icelandic CEO and Entrepreneur turned thought leader, author, speaker, and leader to the next generation leaders. She consults, facilitates, promotes, writes, and speaks about the principles and “How To’s” of the new leadership mindset of the 21st Century and how to cultivate a path of alignment, fulfillment, sustainability, and success in our personal and professional lives. She is a contributing author at the e.MILE People Development Magazine. Runa Co-Founded the Conscious Leader Network, Co-Produced the TOGETHER! Women’s Conference, and is a Co-Founding member of the Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter (CC-LA) Team.


bonus #2: dorit cypis

Award-winning Artist and Innovative Professional Mediator

Dorit’s work exploring identity and social relations through psychological and political screens has been presented at major museums in the North America and Europe. Through her art practice Dorit came to the study of Conflict Resolution, and in 2007 founded Foreign Exchanges to offer conflict transformation services, offering mediation, training and coaching to build bridges across personal and cultural differences. Dorit is a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders, has served as Chair of the Middle East Initiative and Leader of the MBB Los Angeles Chapter. Dorit founded Kulture Klub Collaborative, connecting professional artists with homeless teens to bridge survival and inspiration. Dorit has taught on the complexity of cultural and personal difference throughout the USA, Canada, Israel, Holland and France, creating innovative cross cultural tools. She earned a Masters of Fine Art, California Institute for the Arts, and Masters of Dispute.

Download your Social Entrepreneur’s Start-up Kit

at your own pace discover and define what you are truly passionate about and make a profound impact and contribution to our society



How this course works:

  • This is a digital go-at-your-own pace course
  • Course consists of 9 weekly recordings and 9 weekly step-by-step visual workbooks
  • Includes 2 Bonus offerings: 2 exclusive audio recordings with Runa Bouius, and Dorit Cypis

Tips on how to get the most out of this course:

  • Designed to be completed in 9 consecutive modules
  • Self-paced course
  • Each week listen to the training classes (listen on your iPhone anywhere anytime)
  • Follow the information rich weekly workbook for step-by-step guidance that complements the training classes

refund policy

  • Work with this material for a full 14 days, and if you feel that you have not made progress with defining and designing your business, send me a letter and show all the actions you have taken in your workbooks to request a refund.
  • No refund after 14 days of purchasing date.

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Why now is the right time to get started?

If you are currently stuck, unhappy, frustrated or even getting sick in an unfulfilling career, and want to explore your own business idea or just have the strong feeling that you need to be part of this: sign-up for the “Define and Design Your Business…with Ease” program today, you will thank yourself later.

I guarantee you, not only will you love this course, but you will get clarity, definition and prioritized action steps to get you started into a direction that is in alignment with who you really are and what you authentically stand for!

By getting started today you could be living your dream in a year from now. Don’t wait, get in action, and make a difference!

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