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How to build a Conscious Business?

Hi – it’s Tatjana. 
Question for you: Are you TIRED of your job??

Or maybe you are looking for a job? Perhaps you might feel “stuck” and need to reinvent yourself…maybe launch a new career? Or you just keep toying with the idea of launching your “own thing”?

I too have asked myself all of these questions. And I realized “reinventing oneself never stops”! I recall this particular day working for a large corporation in the construction industry, staring out the window and thinking to myself “This can’t be it”! I refused to believe that this was all there is to my life and my career – executing a meaningless job, day in day out. What about all that potential and capacity dwelling deep within me? What about meaning and purpose? What about living a life and career that makes a difference? Then, 2008 / 2009 came around. Layoffs and unemployment became a first hand experience for many of us, including myself. Some of you may have opted-out voluntarily to leave the corporate culture all together. On one hand it may have been a relief…for a while. Then it started to feel scary. Now what?
Over the years that followed I committed myself to explore and reassess who I really am and what I really stand for. I took responsibility in “reinventing” myself and to go after a life of meaning and purpose.

And so it is with uttermost excitement that I’d like to introduce you to my 4th Women’s conference! 

In this 7 min YouTube video Rocio Villalobos and I share what this conference is all about, when and where it will take place, who this is for, and what you will get out of it!

Who is this conference for?
Career changers, Creatives, Freelancers, Employees, Solopreneurs, New entrepreneurs, Existing entrepreneurs, and any woman who wants to lead the change she’d like to see!
SIGN UP! and join us if you are:
  • Curious about finding out what exactly a “CONSCIOUS” business is.
  • Wanting more MEANING & PURPOSE in your work!
  • Feeling “stuck”, have lost your passion and want to REINVENT yourself or your direction.
  • Seeking a SAVVY and SUPPORTIVE community of driven and conscious women!
  • Wanting to be part of a bigger picture, a MOVEMENT that stands for a balanced approach to work & life!
  • Thirsty for hands-on instruction from EXPERTS in the Conscious Business Movement, the Conscious Capitalism movement, the UX & Lean Startup industry, the Conscious Business Coalition, and new models of sales, marketing and monetization approaches!


Early Bird Special just for you!
$299 (Regular $449)
BONUS!! As an early bird, you also receive:
  • A 1-month FREE membership ($350 value) to WeWork*
  • Eligible to win a 1-year FREE membership ($4,200 value) to WeWork*

I am super excited, and can’t wait ’til September 13th & 14th! I hope you will be there with me, as we collectively continue growing personally and professionally as a group of like-minded women driven and passionate about making a difference in our personal and career lives as well as for our community and society!

TOGETHER we can make a difference!

– Tatjana

P.S. We have only 25 Early Bird Tickets available – don’t miss it!

Tatjana Luethi 
User-Centric, Design Background, Facilitator, Host
My Blog: Poverty Alleviation Through Entrepreneurship
MERGE!MOVE! and FORGE! Women’s Conferences 2013

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*WeWork is a collaborative, beautiful working space in Hollywood (Santa Monica location is opening in 2015). Both membership offers provides you with a 24/7 work desk, and includes accessibility to nine conference rooms, two  screening rooms, lounges, and other WeWork spaces around the country.  Also included are prints, scan-to-email, fax, and unlimited coffee and beer!

[Note: To activate deal, members must put down a fully refundable deposit.]

The TOGETHER! Conference is presented by Tatjana Luethi &  Jose Caballer, and co-moderated with Runa Bouius.
Executive Producer & Host: Tatjana Luethi.

Board of Advisors: Jose Caballer, Runa Bouius & Rocio Villalobos.
Producers: Runa Bouius & Rocio Villalobos


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