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How to create a New Culture of Support amongst Women?

TOGETHER! MeetUp for Women: Tue, Feb 24th, 2015

For women who want to create a new thriving culture of Optimal Flow, Well-being and Support at Work or in your Business!



Wish you had an awesome support team of like-minded women to cheer you on and go for your full capacity? Let me show you how!


Join us for a fun, collaborative 2hr session where you will discover:

  • 7 Guidelines for Healthy Engagements: how to establish the conditions for a new culture of support amongst women in a fun, collaborative and interactive session
  • How to develop your Generative Communication Skills so others “get you”
  • Facilitated by Tatjana Luethi: Creative UX Strategist, Designer, and Women’s Community Leader
  • Venue courtesy of: @NextSpace in Culver City





  • How to improve your communication skills
  • How to create the conditions for a healthy, conscious and thriving culture that inspires others
  • How to create a safe, inviting and inspiring environment for others to participate
  • How to create alignment, synergy and support around you to fulfill your vision
  • How to transform judging or gossiping behavior as a form of colluding and bonding amongst women



  • Tatjana’s 7 Guidelines of Engagement to create alignment and synergy amongst women
  • Develop your own Guidelines of Engagement you can implement immediately with others
  • Increased sense of effective interaction, communication and personal leadership skills
  • A supportive community of like-minded women
  • Guaranteed fun!


Tue, Feb 24th,  7:30 PM – 9.30 PM
(please arrive 10 minutes earlier to park and get settled)


NextSpace Co-working Culver City
Conference Room
9415 Culver Boulevard,
Culver City, CA
Driving Directions

Parking Structures at: Watseka Ave and Cardiff Ave


$15.00 per person


**Online ticket purchase required to attend**

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Why is it important to generate a new culture and relatedness amongst Women?

I wouldn’t be where I am professionally today if it wasn’t for the support of varies women (and men) who accompanied me on my journey over the last few years. This support wasn’t by chance, but rather it’s an ability. I consciously worked on developing my ability to generate structures of support around me to realize my North Star. Let’s face it, it’s really hard trying to do it all by yourself. Yet at the same time collaborating is not that easy either. As much as I enjoy collaborating I also need the space to nurture my own autonomy and independence to maintain an authentic sense of self and vision. So how do you create a culture of support without loosing yourself in the varies opinions and suggestions that may arise? It’s a double challenge.


There are 3 key factors to generating healthy and supportive cultures and collaborations:


1. Clearly articulate what you stand for
What are your values, and what do you stand for? If you can’t articulate it, then there is nothing to resonate with for others. For example: I stand for a new kind of culture and relatedness amongst women. This is a necessary foundation as it relates to my bigger vision of empowering women to reinvent themselves and live a career of meaning and purpose. We women need to begin relating to one another differently. Competition, aggression, comparison and jealousy are not going to do it. So where and how do I implement that part of my vision?At the beginning of my 9 week programs I always set the tone by introducing the conditions and culture for our engagement for the next 9 weeks. It creates alignment, increases self-awareness, and is an opportunity to develop generative communications skills.  It’s a great way to on-board “new women” and welcome them into a safe playground where they get to practice what it feels like to let go of old, unhealthy and disempowering ways of being and step into a new identity that actually serves their desires, goals and larger vision.

2. Create alignment with like minded others
Clearly articulating your values and what you stand for inevitably and organically can create alignment with like minded others. The next part is exploring where there might be an opportunity to collaborate. I found that having a similar vision doesn’t necessarily guarantee a great collaboration. Other variables such as “thinking styles”, and how we do “things” can become an obstacle. I’m not interested in managing peoples ego, and I don’t like arguments and conflicts. I seek to create harmony and peace in my collaborations. And for those who of you who know me, you know I’m all about “getting the job done”! Hence I go for the “like-minded”. It’s okay not to get along with everyone. You don’t need to. You might have a sense about a person but you won’t really know until you try. Seek out the people you first, really resonate with, and secondly complement each others skills. Terminate the ones that don’t work for you. So then what does create great collaboration?

3. Projects Unite
In my opinion it’s not the aligned vision that makes a collaboration work. The vision will draw people to you. However, it’s the projects you work on together that become the uniting factor. Especially if the project is not about you, but about a greater purpose. Collaborating for a greater purpose together in and of itself contains transformational potential for everyone involved. It provides an opportunity to transform your small little needy self and step into action for a greater good. In this set up it’s not about you, it’s about something bigger than you that you are interested in or passionate about. You can’t transform an old identity if you are doing it for your own sake. As mentioned above, collaborating with some of the people flocking to you might work out, and some won’t. Be gentle with yourself during this process, don’t judge yourself if you don’t get along with everyone. It’s okay. Seriously! This is an opportunity for you to create a community and system of support with those you enjoy being and collaborating with!


See you Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 2015 at 7.30pm!


**Online ticket purchase required to attend**

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– Tatjana

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