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How to generate a life that excites you?

What does it take to live a life that excites you?


Goals versus Excitement
Do you think it’s about creating more goals? Or is it about creating clarity, definition and a roadmap to consciously and powerfully generate a future that is exciting, one that makes you feel fully alive at the core of your essence?


Well, maybe it’s a combination. I think SELF-MASTERY, SELF-AWARENESS SKILLS and SELF-EMPOWERMENT are not only useful skills to creating a future that excites you, but are great tools to managing & balancing yourself while guiding and inspiring others to infuse a healthy and happy culture at home and / or in your career.

How to bridge the gap between your present and your future?
So how do we do it? How do we develop those skills? How do we generate meaning and purpose and excitement in our life? What’s the process? Is there a step-by-step method to make this whole experience a bit more fun and collaborative versus going through a dreadful and painstaking process to “find yourself”?


Conscious Business
Much of meaning & purpose was discussed at the TOGETHER! Conference that took place last Sept 13 & 14 at WeWork in Hollywood! It was my 4th conference with focus on fostering and promoting women’s empowerment, development, leadership and entrepreneurial skill-building. We had an amazing group of motivated professional women who joined us to learn about tomorrow’s critical business skills in:
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Conscious Business Structures
  • Go-To-Market Strategies
  • Marketing Practices


If you’d like to see the Conference Agenda check it out HERE. Even though we talked about personal growth and development to a certain degree, the focus with our super inspiring speakers and experts was on “How to build a conscious business”. In other words, how might business represent a platform to experience personal fulfillment, meaning, purpose and profit, while also making a contribution and difference in society?


Let’s start with Pillar 1: Define Your True Self
So if you are not ready yet to discuss strategy or execution, do not worry, I have another workshop coming up that specifically focus on creating clarity, confidence, definition, and direction how to create a meaningful and passionate life and career. Not only is this workshop about “You”, but it is a fun and collaborative process you get to engage in with other like-minded women to experience community and mutual support.  


Special Offer to attend the 9-week online KNOW YOURSELF workshop:
2 for 1 Ticket + Early Bird at $395 (Regular $675)
This offer expires on Oct. 7th at 11.30pm!
For details and how to register your ticket click on the button below:

If you want more than just a monotonous and mundane life or career do not miss out on this inspiring and fun workshop with other like-minded women!

Doing it together is way more fun!

– Tatjana

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Live with Meaning & Purpose!
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