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Meet Erika – The Passionate Entrepreneurial Hair Stylist

I want you to meet Erika Schmidt!

The Passionate Entrepreneurial Hair Stylist



Erika Schmidt entered the Beauty Business at a young age. She owned her own salon for 12 years, then decided to refocus and start developing products for hair stylists. Why? To generate another source of income that would alleviate the physical nature of her job. Not having completed College left her often feeling with a lack of education. Driven to get to the next level, Erika’s biggest challenge was that she still spent a lot of time as a hairdresser behind the chair and couldn’t find the time to develop the ideas for her product. She needed:

  • Guidance
  • Structure
  • Strategies
  • Resources to business experts
  • Collaborative partners

In January of 2013 Erika decided to join Tatjana’s monthly TOGETHER! MeetUp for Women, and attended the MERGE!, MOVE!, FORGE! and TOGETHER! Conferences in 2013 and 2014.
As a result Erika has:

  • increased her sense of confidence
  • developed the ability to express from a place of  inspiration versus desperation
  • improved her communication and personal leadership skills
  • developed the ability to negotiate in the business world
  • entered collaborations with other TOGETHER! members
  • developed a professional product line for hair stylists
  • connected with 3 distributors to negotiate a business deal



“Going into the Beauty Business at a young age and not having any college experience, many times I felt  a lack of education. Having attended the MERGE!, MOVE!, FORGE! and TOGETHER! conferences and TOGETHER! Meetup Group for Women I now feel as though I am getting an MBA by the most progressive cutting edge school!”

– Erika Schmidt, Hair Stylist

Connect with Erika: 310.867.4247   •





What about you?

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