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Meet Felicia – One Filmmaker’s Leap Into Business

Hi – it’s Tatjana.

I want you to meet Felicia Manning!

The Entrepreneurial Filmmaker



What’s the biggest impact and take away for you having attended the MERGE!, MOVE! and FORGE! Conferences?
My biggest takeaways were being able to define my passion and start a business. The conferences gave me the confidence, strategies and the practical tools I needed to take the next steps in moving forward doing what I love. I was inspired to enter a space with a group of women who thought exactly like me!


How or what part of the conference would you say influenced or impacted your current success the most?
When I attended the first conference, MERGE!, the concept was simple yet brilliant – merge your passion with your profession. I had specific skills and abilities. I could pick up a camera and tell a compelling story, but I hadn’t put two and two together. After attending the first conference, I got clear on what’s holding me back and suddenly realized how I could merge them together. I created a game plan and took the step towards branding my production company and started my business – Fe Bandana Pictures.



What were the challenges you faced before you attended the MERGE!, MOVE! and FORGE! Conferences?
When I attended the MERGE! Conference, I had a job in business and marketing, but my passion was filmmaking and being a creative. In order to make the transition, you usually have to volunteer and work for free, in hopes of building a strong portfolio and landing an opportunity in the industry. The challenge was how to financially survive while making the transition. At the MERGE! conference, I asked a question to one of the panelists, he told me “I would pay a lot to have someone who could tell a story about my business”. His statement and the practical tools and strategies from the MERGE!, MOVE! and FORGE! conferences provided valuable insights.


What tangible results have you been able to produce since?
I took the panelist’s statement and all the strategies I’ve learned at the MERGE!, MOVE! and FORGE! conferences and formed an independent production company for future film projects. A year later I divided my business into two divisions. Fe Bandana Pictures became a separate brand for developing my feature films, while the new brand, Fe Brand Films, became a platform where I provide video branding services to my clients. This process and experience has transformed my old belief that you have to work for free. By establishing my own business, I generated a structure for myself to fully express who I am. I gained confidence and practical insights on creating a business. All of this happened within one year and I’m very grateful to say that I’m happily self-employed. I’m in business!

Overall, the conferences gave me the confidence and the “know-how” I needed to launch a business doing what I love. I already had the entrepreneurial drive in me, but I didn’t know how to connect the dots. Tatjana and Jose equipped us with workbooks, strategy, diverse panelists, and covered every inch of what it takes to create a business. The conferences are fantastic, I’ve met amazing friends and a community of women with goals as big as mine. Since the conference, I’ve launched my film production company, Fe Bandana Pictures, and now Fe Brand Films, where I capture and brand the stories of entrepreneurs, small biz owners, and inspiring individuals. I’ve learned a great deal from Tatjana’s guidance and am proud to implement those guidelines into my business today.



What about you?

Have you ever thought of launching your own “thing” but weren’t sure how to? Do you dream to merge your true PASSION with your PROFESSION? Do you want the FREEDOM to live up to your full potential and express who you really are? How about being your own boss and create a career or business on your own terms?



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