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Tatjana Luethi

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Design Thinking Methodologies will matter a great deal in shaping our future. I see DT as an inevitable process that will alter how we think, live and do business due to the embedded principles and nature of design-thinking:

Human-centered, empathy-driven, collaborative, possibility-oriented, experimental, and iterative.

DT requires us to become more authentic, adaptive and and flexible in our mindset.  In other words, it requires a new mindset, and that in and of itself will have a transformational impact on how we have done “things” so far. We are being stretched in our current comfort zone, and have to re-evaluate our values, how we have been “thinking, living and done business” so far. It’s The Eleventh Hour. I don’t mean this in a scary sense, rather we have an opportunity now to face, and solve the unintended consequences and impacts from our past decisions and behaviors by applying creative problem solving methods found in Design Thinking, Lean Principles and Conscious Capitalism.

Therefore, I specifically focus on empowering purpose-driven entrepreneurs, community-oriented startups and conscious companies who want to make a positive impact and difference to our world.


• As a User Experience, Brand and Design Strategist…
I challenge you to define a clear and authentic User Experience, Brand and Design Strategy to generate an authentic and relatable brand experience for your customers. I do so by engaging creative, user-centered design thinking methodologies. Not only is this an easy, collaborative and strategic planning framework for your entire team to create clarity and alignment, it also is an effective process to eliminate chaos, confusion, disagreement and reduce wasted time, money and resources.


• I’m the founder…
of the TOGETHER! Network, and co-creator of the 2013 MERGE!, MOVE! FORGE!, and the 2014 TOGETHER! Women’s Conference Series, a platform that fosters women’s development, leadership and entrepreneurial skill-development.

2014-03-03 14.43.18_MERGE 2014-06-01 16.07.26_MOVE



• I’m the co-founder…
and host of the monthly Women’s group called TOGETHER! Network a movement and advocacy group for purpose-driven women entrepreneurs.

TOGETHER Meetup for Woman at NextSpace 00_Women_Conference_Tatjana_Luethi_website


• I’m the co-creator
…of the tele seminar “Stepping Into Your Feminine Leadership”, “Breaking Through Your Inner Glassceiling”, “KNOW YOURSELF”, and the “Define and Design Your Business” workshop series.

Know_Yourself_Website  Feminine_Leadership  Breaking_Through_Your_Inner_Glassceiling


• I co-founded and co-chaired…
the Mar Vista Community Council – Aging in Place from 2014 – 2018. After the tragic death of a family relative in 2013 my ex-husband and I became the caregiver of her older boyfriend, Bill (92). Deeply affected by the experience, managing our grief and dealing with the aftermath of becoming a caregiver I launched the Senior Roommate Housing Project as a vision to empower our seniors and redefine independent living. In collaboration with Sherri Akers, a powerful community activist. We launched the Mar Vista Aging in Place Committee in Summer of 2014.

metabuchheimbillduffsm_website  Aging_in_Place_3


I’d like to leave you with one question – how will your brand make a difference in today’s world?

Join the movement – together we can make a difference!

– Tatjana Luethi


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